What’s For Dinner – August 19-25

The Pizza Buns from last week were a hit. The dough was easy to make and I think you could really have fun experimenting with these by changing up the toppings.


The first eight buns ended up only because sauce and bun. I think I’m going to have to start my dinner time meal prep earlier in the day. Dinnertime has always been a bit of a hectic time here in our house, and it’s not getting any calmer. I get pulled in so many directions that I find myself making mistakes when I’m trying new recipes. While making the pizza buns I found myself thinking “something is missing.” The kids kept coming up with questions and even though the cheese was on the counter RIGHT in front of me, it took me awhile to remember that I had forgotten to add it. Oops!

The honey mustard mozzarella chicken was great, but I recommend pre-cooking the bacon before you add it to the chicken.

This Week:

* next to a recipe means it’s a new to me recipe I’m trying out for the first time.

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