What’s For Dinner?

You might have noticed that I don’t always have 7 days of dinners listed in my meal plans. I like to leave one day flexible for times that we might go out to eat, have a leftovers night at home, or evenings that my husband makes one of his homemade pasta sauces.
Yesterday we tried a new to us pizza restaurant. It was delicious and the crust was excellent! I tried the Athena pizza which was eggplant, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, arugula, basil salad, and a balsamic reduction. My kids had a normal cheese pizza.
I’ll say that my husband’s pizza is still the best that I’ve eaten, but this pizza was the best pizza we’ve found in a restaurant in North County San Diego. San Diego has great Mexican food, but we’ve had the hardest time finding a place that makes great pizza.
Pandora's Pizza
Bread is baking in the bread maker right now. I bought this from a neighbor for $10 and this is only the second time I’ve used it. The first time ended up being a bit of a flop so I’m using a different recipe that will hopefully work better. Do you make your bread at home?
Breadman Breadmaker

This Week’s Menu

I’m sharing my dinner menu this week at I’m an Organized Junkie and Susie QT Pies.

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