The $3 Mustache Pinata

A few weeks ago we had our son’s 7th birthday party at our house. He wanted a piñata so we went off to the party store to find a cheap one. The theme of the party was mustaches, so I thought we could get an animal or superhero piñata, slap a mustache on it, and call it good. When we got to the store we found a shark piñata way up high on top of the shelves. When the store worker got it down for us it was then I could see how small it was. It was tiny, and cost $20 (not including the cost of the candy that goes inside!). I told her no thank you and she put it back on the shelf. Instead I bought a $3 roll of black crepe streamers and took it home to see if I could turn it into a piñata.

I probably should have done some research in advance to see how to actually make a piñata, instead I just totally winged it. I’ve seen mustache piñata pictures online before, so I know others had made them. I just hadn’t actually taken the time to read HOW they had made them. I decided to use what I had at home in my craft closet and the recycle bin and see if I could make it work.

Supplies I used:

Cardboard cereal boxes
Paper Grocery Bags
Masking Tape
White Elmer’s Glue
Black Crepe Streamers

Step 1:
Open up and flatten down the cereal boxes. Tape them together so they form one large piece of cardboard that is big enough to draw your piñata shape on.
Step 2:
Draw half of a mustache onto the cardboard with a pencil leaving plenty of room for the half.
Step 3: Fold the cardboard in half. Cut along pencil lines so that when cardboard is opened up you have a complete mustache.

How to Make a $3 Mustache Pinata
How to Make a $3 Mustache Pinata
How to Make a $3 Mustache PinataLike so. (mustache is upside down in this picture. Oops!)
How to Make a $3 Mustache Pinata

I wish I had more pictures of the remaining steps but that is probably due to the fact that it was late at night, I was bleary eyed and working hard just to get the thing put together so I could go to sleep.

Step 4: Repeat above steps so you end up with 2 complete matching mustaches. These will form the front and back of your piñata.

Step 5: Tape paper bags to the front and back pieces of your mustache(or use more cereal boxes if you prefer something harder to break). I really wish I had pictures of this step. Basically you need to join the front and back parts so the mustache is 3-D.  Cut a square flap into the top of the mustache to create an opening for you to put the candy into later.

Step 6: Cover with glue and streamers. Fill with candy before covering up the hole with streamers.

Step 7: Go to sleep.

We’ve had a piñata at our house before so thankfully my husband already had a pulley system that he could set up. He wrapped tape around the mustache and was able to attach it to the rope pulley.
How to Make a $3 Mustache Pinata

Believe it or not, it held! I thought for sure the thing would crumble at the first swing.

How to Make a $3 Mustache Pinata

Lessons Learned:

  • Have a plan for hanging your piñata. Thankfully I have a very creative husband who was able to take care of this step for me.
  • It is best to make the piñata at least a couple days ahead of time. If you use Elmer’s glue to glue the crepe streamers onto the cardboard at midnight, they will not be dry at 6 am.

The piñata took time to make, but saved us quite a bit of money. The larger piñatas of this size would have cost $39. My homemade version cost us $3. And is completely recyclable!

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